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A link is a HTML reference that allows you to navigate between different web pages on the internet. Link building is the process of getting links from external sites to your website.

Link building is a very essential part of SEO. Building a link is difficult and time consuming process. We are doing here is building an authority. If you have no authority means, no ranking. So acquiring higher authority link is going to boost your authority and interaction in search results. How many links you need to rank well depends on not only the number of links into your webpages but also the quality of the links. Through link, search engine analyse the authority and popularity of the web pages.  The trusted site get more links from other trusted site and spam sites get very few links from trusted sites. It makes the search engine to count more a link from well authoritative web site than link from less authoritative site.

A link is mainly classified in to three types.

Natural Link: Links that are given naturally by other webmasters or website owners to link to your content. This is the high quality link and you must own a certain level of popularity or create awareness about your webpage content to achieve these types of links.

Outreach link: this type of link is obtained by explaining someone else to the values of your contents to their audience and asking for links into their webpages.

Self-created Link: This type of link is least valued, and is obtained by creating off-page content such as articles, videos in some other locations and linking back to your website.

A website that links to spam is likely spam itself and it has a negative effect on search engine page ranking. So the careful selection of back link is more important in link building. Anchor text is another factor that a search engine takes in to account for page ranking. Correct anchor text make web page more valuable. At, We have our strategy and factors taken in to account for building high quality links into the webpages and help you to boost page ranking.

Good link building is indistinguishable from good marketing. There are certain rules that we must consider while creating links, the things that we do’s and don’ts evaluate the links and brings your webpage at top ranking. Link building is a never ending activity. As time goes, the value of the back link may decay and the web site becomes less popular. In order to keep search engine web page ranking better, new links has to be obtained continuously from other popular sites. We have our own strategy and factors for building a link. If you are interested in finding out more about our link building service, you can now request information via contact us page.

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