Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing – Search Engine Marketing is an internet marketing technique that promotes the visibility of the website in the search engine result pages by means of paid advertising like Google Adwords, Bing Ads or non-paid services like SEO.  Pay per Click is the most commonly used paid SEM.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per Click is a form of internet marketing in which the advertiser pay a certain amount to their ads is clicked by someone. It is an excellent way to increase the number of visitors and traffics to your web site. PPC is an auction where advertisers bid against each other to show up there products or web contents at the top portion of the search engine. Google adwords is the most popular form of PPC advertisement.

In PPC, search engine looks for three major things to list your web site at the top. First, Search engine looks how much money willing to pay to a particular key word by an advertiser. Higher the bid for a particular key word, more likely of a chance that the ad will be seen. Second, Search engine looks how relevant your key words are to the ad that is being shown. Third, search engine looks web site landing page to ensure that the content on that page is relevant to the key words and to the ad. The most relevant and highest prise ad will be listed first followed by other ad below it with less relevant or low prise.

Keyword research is a very important and the most difficult part in PPC marketing. Finding a high quality and most relevant key words bring you high traffic to your web page. With the help of advanced keyword research tools in the market, SEOIndians experts select proper key words and ad text for your web page and place it in ad groups and targets to a specific market and segment campaigns. In that way we can minimise you the cost per click and keep your ads at the top of the search result.

Our PPC team updates current market changes and implements it in every week to improve the performance. With our specific market and segment campaign program we target the right audience and minimize waste. We monitor the campaign program on weekly basis and implement the necessary changes in the market.

When you need more web traffic and customers PPC advertising is a powerful solution. SEOIndians offer you most cost effective high quality and relevant PPC advertising campaign.  To know more about our PPC campaign send us a mail from our contact us page. We are happy to discuss more about our PPC adverting and campaigns program.

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