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There are millions of websites and search engines are available on the internet. Most of people rely on search engine like Google or Yahoo to get what they want from the internet. When you search something with Google or any other search engine you get back result page with lots of websites link related to your search key words. The first page of the result pages contains the list of websites that most likely to contain what is you are looking for. Most of the people just look for the first page of the search result and do not care the subsequent result pages. Sixty percentages of the people just click top three of the first page in the search result. This is why you need to optimise your web site for search engine or doing SEO is so important.


Search Engine Optimization is a method or a technique used to optimize your webpages and increase the visibility of the webpages for search engine, for a particular set of key words. While doing so your web page comes at higher ranking for that set of keywords.


Search engine cannot understand the webpages the same way a human can. Even though your web page is the right place to provide the information for someone who is looking for something into the internet, it will not come in the search result. SEO helps the search engine to understand the content of your web page and place it for those who search the same into the internet. SEO makes your web page easy to understand both search engine and human beings.

When people search for something relevant to them and if they see your website in the first pages of search results they may click and visit your web page and your traffic and sales will increase. If your website does not come in the first page of search result it is almost like your web page doesn’t exist and you lose traffic and sales. The position of your web site in search result ultimately depends on your web page ranking.


When you search on internet for something you get thousands of results pages in the internet. Some website comes in the first pages and some websites comes in the very last pages of the search result. Site position in the search results is determined by page ranking. Every websites has a ranking for particular search terms of key words. In olden times search engine depends on key words density of your web page and they rank you higher, if you have higher key word density and your website comes in the first page of the search results. But now this concept is changed. The web page that contains lots of key words did not necessary means they are more relevant and does not come in the first page of the search result. The websites that were back linked a lot with other high quality websites is more likely to be relevant and higher probability to come to the first page of the search result. So now most of the search engine page ranking depends on how relevant is your webpage rather than the key word density. Our SEO experts use advanced page ranking tools to find out the ranking of your webpages for search engine and optimize your web pages for the web site. We make your web page more relevant and authorized by back linking your web site from lots of good quality websites.


In the marketing world content writer should understand people and create useful content that is interesting, persuasive and valuable which makes the readers to buy the product or share the particular link on social media or take some other actions that will benefit to you. If you want to create the content that ranks well you must think about search engine’s ranking algorithm and do create content which is well optimized for search engines. Search engines displays the web pages in the search results based on the authority and relevance of the page, the authority is determined by the number of links pointing to that particular webpage and relevance of the page by analysing content. Content writing is not just writing useful content that solves a particular problem in a boring manner; your content should excite and entertain the readers and engage them to read comfortably. Keyword research is important for content creation, therefore a content writer should know about best keyword research practices. Picking the right keyword and using it naturally will benefit your content.


Getting right kind of visitor is more important than getting more visitors. Wrong selection of keywords might bring more visitors to your web page but it does not add any value to your business.  So finding the right keywords that your target audience use to search your products is the most important step in optimization process. Our keyword research team find the right relevant keywords for your web page and target those customers who really make value to your business.


In this process we identify the entire potential competitor of your company from the market. Once we obtain the potential competitors, we analyses and find out the ranking of your competitors for the same search keywords that you are using. Based on keywords, ranked content and ranking of your SEO competitors, we select the target keywords for your site. At last stage, we consider number of competitor and their popularity, type, popularity of your webpage, keyword relevance, search volume etc. and finalize your keywords.


We optimize your website for targeting both local and international customer base on the demand. For local search we choose the keywords which target a particular area. Optimization based on the geographical area is also important in SEO. Some customers choose products or services from their local areas only. We list your web site in local business listing of the search engine and increase the visibility of the search engine for local search.

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